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  • 3840 STATE HWY 365, BALDWIN, GA 30511, USA
  • 706-894-2274

DIAMOND JEWELRY & LOAN is a Pawn Shop located in BALDWIN, GA. In addition, DIAMOND JEWELRY & LOAN is also registered with the ATF as a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). It is recommended that you contact them at 706-894-2274 with any questions regarding buying, selling, or transfering firearms and their associated fees. —– Please leave a review for DIAMOND JEWELRY & LOAN below.


This place has about the weirdest "business model" I have ever heard of. They display ammo on the shelves with prices (overpriced by the way), then when you ask to buy the ammo they refuse to sell it to you, claiming that you have to buy a gun in order to be able to buy the ammo. I went in today to buy some .380 Auto. Pointed to a 50 count box of Wolf. The manager - Tracy is his name - butted in and said THAT particular box was not for sale. Claimed he was "holding it for another customer". He then said I was welcome to buy an overpriced box of the hollow point .380's they had. Then I was like "Well, let me get a box of that 7.62X54R Russian." Again, this guy Tracy was like "No! You have to buy a gun to go with that ammo! I will sell you a box of 7.62X39 if you would like." No thanks Tracy - if I had wanted your over priced AK or SKS bullets I would have asked for them. I have browsed this store's selection a few times before, so I replied with "I don't see any Mosin-Nagants (the most common type of gun that is chambered for 7.62X54R) on display here." To which Tracy replied "We got some in the back." Yeah right... What a great way to do business - display ammo that you won't sell for a gun you either DON NOT HAVE or are "hiding" in the back room. Makes a lot of sense there Diamond Pawn Jewelry and Loan of Baldwin Georgia. Apparently you would rather make NO MONEY than ANY MONEY. Way to run a business there, geniuses. I don't know if the manager is mad at the owner and is trying to put his own store out of business or what, but when a customer comes in and wants to buy a $12 box of Tula 7.62 Russian for $21 I think it would be a good idea to sell it to them. Like I said before - horrible business model. I don't know if they like keeping the shelves full of ammo that they refuse to sell is to make their shelves look full, or if they actually want to sell the ammo in a combo deal with the imaginary box full of Mosin-Nagants they claim to "Have in the back". Won't be doing any business with these people EVER AGAIN. On top of their moronic ammo sales policy, they are WILDLY OVERPRICED on ALL THEIR FIREARMS. A regular wood stock Ruger 10/22 rifle that can be had for $230 at Walmart or Country Boy's Sports in Homer is one hundred dollars higher at Diamond Pawn Jewelry and Loan. Yes - they are asking $330 for a regular, wood stock Ruger 10/22. Avoid these people like the plague. Plenty of other good local shops to choose from. Tell them to take their kooky ammo policies back to California where they are based. Deal with local people like Country Boy's off HWY 441

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