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North Carolina Gun Owners forum is a great regional firearms forum covering the State of North Carolina. Regional Forums are some of the best places to find information and discuss things such as local laws, shooting ranges, and hunting. Finding some of this State specific information can be very difficult on large national forums.

NC Gun Owners Website:

Social Media Links for NC Gun Owners:


Here are some of the forums on NC Gun Owners:
–Handguns and pistols; semi-auto and revolver related discussions 
Long guns
–Long gun (rifles, shotgun) related discussions 
NFA Firearms (Class 3)
–Talk about machineguns, supressors, AOWs etc. here. 
Accessories and related gear
–Holsters, grips, slings, scopes, etc… 
Ammo, Reloading & Gunsmithing
–Discussions related to reloading and gunsmithing, tips, tools, best practices, etc… 
Ranges / Training
–Discuss ranges and training options, locations, costs, reviews, etc… 
Gun store and gunsmith reviews
–Discuss and post reviews of gun shops and gunsmiths 
North Carolina Firearm Laws
–Discuss the firearm laws in NC. 
Firearms Politics and Carry Issues
–Politics pertaining to guns and the 2A, open and concealed carry 
Legal Discussions
–Legality discussions regarding anything/anywhere. For NC firearm legal questions, please use the NC Firearm Laws forum.
–Discuss local gatherings, range days, clubs, gun shows, and other social get-togethers 
Disaster Preparedness and Survival
–Learn how to take care of yourself and your loved ones 
The Great Outdoors
–Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, etc 
–This is the place to show off what you’ve got. 
Other Weapons
–Discuss knives, swords, bows, nunchaku, artillery, etc. 
Offtopic – Political
–Non-firearm related political discussions. Keep it civil. 
Sub Forums:
–3 Speed Holster
–CADD Graphics
–Carolina Gunrunners
–Citizen Defense Solutions
–Concealed Handgun Carry, Inc
–Dunn’s Sporting Goods
–EmerGO Trading Company
–Freedom Arms
–Frontline Defense
–Hunt More Outdoors
–J D Lester / Suarez Int’l Staff Instructor
–King Precision
–LUCKY13 Cast Bullets
–Nash Glockworks
–North Raleigh Guns
–Principle Electric
–Rocky River Leather Co.
–ROG Tactical
–Webb’s Brass Assets
Jobs Offered / Jobs Spotted / Job Needed

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