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Sniper’s Hide Forum covers some of the following topics:

S4 Sniper’s Hide Equipment
Gear discussion – Nylon, Electronics, Tools of the trade that help you make the shot

Sniper’s Hide Rifle Scopes
Discussion of Rifle Scopes

Sniper’s Hide Bolt Action Rifles
Discussion on boltguns, gasguns & any other SWS.

Sniper’s Hide Semi-Auto Rifles
Discussion related to Semi Auto Rifles, both 5.56 and 7.62 with all the calibers in between

Sniper’s Hide Vintage Sniper Rifles
Discussion of Vintage – Military Sniper Rifles

Sniper’s Hide Rimfire Section
Section dedicated to .22 rimfire rifles

Sniper’s Hide Shotguns
Shotgun, scattergun technologies

Sniper Hide Gunsmithing
Open Gunsmithing discussion

Sniper’s Hide Side Arms & K-Bars
Discussion about Handguns, and Knives

Sniper’s Hide Suppressors
Open discussion for Suppressors

Tactical Competitions
F Class – F T/R Competition
Discussion about F Class Shooting including F T/R

ELR – Beyond 1000 Yards
High Performance at Extended Ranges

Sniper’s Hide Reloading
Open discussion on reloading, *always exercise caution* when reloading

Range Report & Exterior Ballistics
Open discussion straight from the Range on Exterior Ballistics

Training / Classes
Location to post details on training and classes available to Sniper’s Hide Members

Sniper’s Hide Basic Marksmanship
Discussion of Firearms Training to include Handgun & Carbine

Sniper’s Hide Online Training
Sniper’s Hide Online Training Program in Association with Rifles Only.

Sniper’s Hide Advanced Marksmanship
Future location for the Sniper’s Hide advanced marksmanship discussion.

Sniper’s Hide Hunting & Fishing
Discussion on Hunting, Fishing and Outdoors Sports.

Sniper’s Hide Fieldcraft
Tactical discussion related to the art of sniping.

Sniper’s Hide Fitness
Discussion of Physical Fitness

Sniper’s Field Photography
Discussion of your favorite photographic equipment.

Sniper’s Hide Photo Gallery
Post your images in the Sniper’s Hide Photo Gallery

Sniper’s Hide Site Information
Latest site updates, reply to Sniper’s Hide directly

The Bear Pit
General Site Discussion, please refrain from posting political or religious topics.

Carl Zeiss Optronics LE / Mil Only
Private Forum for Military and Law Enforcement Only members to discuss all elements of precision rifle shooting. No one but vetted Military and Law Enforcement Members Contact “Lowlight” for access.

Sniper’s Hide Sport’s Page
Discuss your favorite Sport Here

S-2 Intel – 2nd Amendment
S2 Intel – For discussion of our 2nd Amendment Rights, Military & Law Enforcement Current Events.

Maggie’s Drawers Bar & Grill
Tall tales from the bottom of a glass

Sniper’s Hide Movie Theater
Discuss the movies, tv shows, etc…

Sniper’s Hide Member Link Up
Forum for members to link up in their various locations.

Sniper’s Hide PX: Commercial Sales
The Sniper’s Hide Commercial Sales is a fee based service open to persons doing business as a commercial entity. Commercial business are prohibited from posting sales announcement in any other area of the forum without first committing to one of the sponsorship tiers.

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