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Tennessee Gun Owners Forum covers the following topics:

Firearms and Gear
Ammunition and Reloading
Discussion of topics related to factory loaded ammunition and to the art of reloading your own ammunition.

Class III (NFA) Firearms and Accessories
Discussion of Class III topics such as: Suppressors, Short BBL rifles, Any Other Weapons, etc.

Curio, Relics and Black Powder
Discussion of collectible, antique, relic, curio and black powder firearm topics.

Gear and Accessories
Discussion of firearms accessories not represented by any other specific forum here.

Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting
Discussion and Q&A of firearm maintenance, modification and repair.

Discussion of handgun topics. Automatics, revolvers, all brands.

Long Guns
Discussion of long gun topics. Rifles, Shotguns, Automatic, Bolt action, all brands.

Competitive Shooting Sports
Discussion of events and topics related to the shooting sports (Skeet, Trap, IDPA, etc.)

Handgun Carry and Self Defense
Discussion of topics related to Handgun Carry, Self Defense, Home Defense, Strategies & Tactics, etc.

Hunting and Fishing
All things related to Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, etc.

Knives and Bladed Tools

Tactics and Training
Discussion of topics related to professionally lead firearms training.

Survival and Preparedness
Discussion of topics related to essential survival skills such as first aid, camping, gardening, provisioning, etc. Topics and posts need to be kept serious and rational.

Women and Firearms
This forum is a place for our female members to discuss firearms issues specific to women.

Zombie Apocalypse
You know it’s coming. We know it’s coming. Really it’s just a matter of time. Will you be ready, or will you be food?

Legal and Political
Firearms Law FAQ
Here you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their Answers regarding State and Federal firearms laws.

2nd Amendment Issues
This is the place to discuss issues specifically regarding the Right To Keep and Bear Arms (RTKBA), only.

Carry Prohibited Locations
This forum contains locations, as contributed by our members, which prohibit carry on their premises.

Politics and Legislation
Discussion and friendly debate about State and National political and legislative issues.

General Interest
Newsworthy Reports
Discussion of Firearms-related stories from the news or personal accounts. Including crime, self-defense, or other such publicity. Please include a link whenever possible.

General Chat
This is the place for general chat and topics not covered by any of our other forums.

Show and Tell
A place to post threads featuring photos or videos! Please keep threads relevant to firearms and related topics.

Feedback and Support
This is the place to ask questions and get answers about issues with the TGO web site and forum.

Test Zone
A place to test your new avatar, signature, paragraph formatting, etc.

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