We received quite a few requests to size up the Ruger LCP, LC9 and LCR. We found it quite interesting putting this size comparison together. The Ruger LCP vs LC9 vs LCR size comparison images are rendered with the triggers aligned in one image and the back and bottom aligned in the other.

Personal opinion: the LCP is an amazing pocket pistol that I carry almost everyday, even though I dislike the trigger, because it can be concealed so easily. It does not require me to wear a holster or dress in a certain attire to conceal it. All I need to do is throw it in my pocket holster and tuck it away in the back pocket. The LCP in a nice pocket holster is about the size of a wallet.

The Ruger LC9 and Ruger LCR are very similar in size, but quite a bit larger than the LCP. For that reason I would choose the LCR because of the .357 option.

You can find more information on Ruger’s website:

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Comparison Images: